Monday, October 20, 2008

More really big numbers

Keeping with the theme of macroeconomic issues in our last post, I'd like to add another podcast to your iTunes/RSS reader feeds. NPR has an excellent podcast out called planet money. In fact, the guys who were primarily responsible for the episode of This American Life in the aformentioned post are also the same guys who run this podcast.

Planet money is basically a blow-by-blow commentary on the current economic crisis, but it's dumbed down so even I can understand it.

Update: Fixed Link


Sydney said...

Is the purpose of this blog just to place to put others ideas and links to others ideas about world economy and not to state your own? I noticed theres not alot of personal opinion. It kinda makes for a pretty dry blog. Don't you think? I would like to see some discussion.

Randy D. said...

I would love to do more opinion-heavy pieces, for certain. Your also right about the dryness of just putting up links. I'm currently in the middle of midterms, but after that I promise I'll get all thoughtful and stuff on this thing.